Soundz of Nepal: to promote, conserve and develop Nepali Music

Chaudhary Group (CG) launched ‘Nepal Ice Soundz of Nepal’ on October 4 in the Capital. The program is going to promote, conserve and develop Nepali music.

Deepak Bjaracharya Singer

According to a press release issued by CG; Nirvana Chaudhary, CG’s Managing Director along with music composer and singer James Pradhan, launched the program.
According to the statement quoted “Soundz of Nepal recognizes both established and upcoming musical talents and gives them a common platform. We aim to create a magical musical collaboration by bringing together musicians and singers from different genres like folk and pop” Chaudhary said.

The program will have two seasons in the initial phase. As per the statement, the first season will comprise 12 episodes of live performances and recording each of 15 minutes duration.

Top musicians and singers from Nepal will perform. Highlight of the program will be a unique fusion of folk and pop music. The recorded performances will be broadcast through YouTube, online media, TV, and radio for wider reach.

The live performances and recordings will start in November. Interested musicians and singers may contact CG with their performance plan, the press release mentions.

Check Out the Video Here.


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