Shah Rukh Khan fighting with demons

Shah-RukhKhan-Atharva--the-OriginBollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan will be soon appearing in an animated film. The actor will be battling with different dangerous wild animals and demons in the movie named ‘Atharva – the Origin.’

“Atharva – The Origin” is a new age graphic novel project by Virzu Studios featuring Shah Rukh Khan as the titular character. The novel is based on a very young earth, in a time long forgotten; a prospective king makes a difficult and lone journey. ‘Atharva’ chronicles that journey, taking its hero and you on an awe inspiring journey encountering magnificent lands and strange beasts – a true treat for the soul and the senses.

The teaser of the film has been recently released. As shown in the video, Shah Rukh has wear a special mask and is standing in isolated place where there are many attacking him.

The film is based on mythological settings in which a warrior moves ahead fighting with dangerous animals and demons. The film is said to be released in 2015, but the exact date is yet to be announced.


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