Neon mood for this summer

Change comes through fashion or fashion brings changes, in that aspect the fashion experts suggest to put on something neon to enjoy this summer.

Here are some styles you may love to carry on to set the neon mood.
The combo of pastel colors and neon accessories
The combination of White and Peach Dress for summer look with different neon accessories would be another better idea. May it be the neon colored big necklace to put on along with the top knot hair can give a neat and clean look.

Hot Pink with Dark color combinations
Neon looks for casual and pop – ups seem to be pretty colors. In that sense wearing dark shades will look cool. Combining a hot pink top and blue jacket with jeans Stripes would be a smart choice. Pink handbag can be carried and wearing Colorful flat belly will do work.
Belt, belly and scarves in Neon Shades
With simple looking tops, the belly of the body can be adorned with the neon colored belt. Either for the Wild or adventurous look, the hair can be kept open. The scarves on the neon shades can be worn instead to add an extra glam to the personality.

Hot pink and red color for the party look
Partying with the friends or having get together affair, these colors look beautiful. Not necessarily be a combination of light and dark. Hot Pink Shirt Red can be combined with the loose fitted trousers. To this statement neon accessories will give the good look.

Denim and Neon with White Multi color
If you wish to put on the regular denim then neon colored belly will also give you a better look. To complete this look multi colored clutch bag can be carried. If neon accessories are the preference then instead of carrying all the colors in one, it is better to be focused on one or two of them.
Text by Rojin Shakya


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