My life itself is a challenge: Rekha Thapa

Rekha-Thapa-1Glamour Nepal, Kathmandu: Working simultaneously as an actor, producer and director in the same film is obviously not a cakewalk. However, Rekha Thapa has dared to undertake these all endeavors through her movie ‘Himmatwali’. She succeed in the first test as the movie ‘Himmatwali’ is set to release on Ashoj 15 (Fulpati) day across the country while the result will come out from the final test where the viewers will be decisive jury. Its challenging to act on the movie directed and produced by self.

However, Rekha do not take it as challenge. “For me, there is challenge in every steps of the life. My life is itself a challenge,” says Rekha. “However, producing and bringing a movie in the market is not a challenge for me because it the production provides a return. Brining ‘Himmatwali’ among the audience is an opportunity for me rather than challenge,” she adds.

Rekha, who has already brought some hit movies under her own banner Rekha Films, puts Himmatwali in the top of the list of her films. “There are not any films made yet presenting an extra-ordinary character to send a social message and we have introduced such person in the movie. Thus this movie has a significant importance in the Nepali film industry,” claims Thapa.

Rekha is confident that the viewers will like her latest film made with the cost of around Rs 5 million. While asked whether her movie will be able to collect the investment, she says that she less bothered with the business. “I did not make the movie to earn money. I have been getting several business proposals for earning. I want to give a space for the new entrants in the film industry. I am confident that the viewers will like the movie as it relates the social situation of the country,” says Rekha.

Rekha has already sold the distribution authority to Manoj Rathi and Ujwal Poudel on Rs 4.5 million for the release of movie from out of valley and others. “I had received meager Rs 3.5 million last year when my movie ‘Kali’ made a business worth Rs 10 million from out of valley and others. Even I could not know where and how long the movie ran. That’s why I decided to sell the movie before the release date,” explains Rekha.

According to Rekha, the money collected after the investment will be divided between her and distributor. The movie is scheduled to be released in the US, Canada and Japan, among other countries. Gopal Kayastha has taken the distribution authority for the valley.


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