Monsoon Fashion Design by Pereena Gurung

Monsoon Fashion Design by Pereena Gurung

The ensemble is a chic combination of a cropped top and a thigh-length pencil skirt, designed to create a fashionable and cohesive look. Both pieces feature a check print in various shades of blue, adding a classic yet contemporary touch. This choice of pattern and color not only brings visual interest but also exudes a timeless appeal.

Layered over the two-piece set is a transparent raincoat, which serves both a practical and aesthetic purpose. The raincoat allows the check print of the garments underneath to remain visible, ensuring that the outfit’s style is not obscured by the protective layer.

The design caters to teens and women in their 30s, offering a versatile look that suits various age groups. The silhouette of the pencil skirt paired with the cropped top is flattering, emphasizing the wearer’s figure while maintaining a sense of sophistication.

For footwear, the outfit includes waterproof boots in matching shades of blue, ensuring the wearer’s feet remain dry while complementing the overall color scheme of the ensemble. The blue hues of the outfit are chosen to be universally flattering, enhancing all complexions. Adding a pop of contrast to the outfit is a pink umbrella. This vibrant accessory not only provides functionality but also adds a striking visual contrast to the blue ensemble.


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