Monsoon Fashion Design by Ayushi Thapa

Monsoon Fashion Design by Ayushi Thapa

This monsoon-themed outfit seamlessly blends style and practicality, perfect for the rainy season. The ensemble features a green top and blue short, capturing the vibrant colors of nature during the monsoon. The green top represents the lush greenery flourishing in the rain, while the blue shorts evoke the clean, refreshing feel brought by the season.

To enhance functionality and protect against the rain, a transparent raincoat is included. This raincoat keeps the wearer dry while allowing the vivid colors of the outfit to remain visible, adding a modern, chic touch. The look is completed with comfortable, transparent slippers, featuring adjustable straps for a secure fit.

Targeted towards young girls aged 18 to 25 who favor chic fashion, the green top and blue shorts are crafted from cotton fabric, ensuring both comfort and style. The transparent raincoat not only offers rain protection but also maintains the elegance and sophistication of the outfit. Makeup is kept minimal, with a suggested ponytail hairstyle to complement the look.


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