Model Aditi Budhathoki – Photo Gallery

Aditi Budhathoki, a well known name in the modeling field of Nepal. NOW! she is ready to play in Nepali Movie too.

Model Aditi Budhathoki

Aditi Budhathoki is debuting in Nepali Movie ‘CRI’ in opposite role of popular actor Anmol KC. Aditi and Anmol will share their romance on screen. as per reported recently, Aditi also signed a contract with Sony Music, a popular music company of India for three music videos.

Aditi does not follow set rules and has her own unique sense of fashion. Her most appealing factor is that she carries every outfit with sophistication. Well, nobody disagrees that she elegantly carries off everything she wears. Aditi is fashion bloggers too, you can check it here.

According to AditiStyle is not only limited to clothes. It’s about flaunting confidence and being comfortable in your own skin. This is definitely one of my style mantras.”

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