Miss Nurse Nepal Now to be known as Miss Nepal Peace

The Nursing Fraternity is always been synonymous for care giving which allow the patients to feel mental and physical peace. Taking this as the major element Miss Nurse Nepal event has now been named as Miss Nepal Peace to make the event better, bigger and grandeur.

This would be the fourth season of the event dedicated to the nursing fraternity and now onwards would be known as Miss Nepal Peace. The event being organized by Next Models Nepal would have Nepal Breast cancer foundation as its associate partner. This time the event would be specific in spreading awareness against breast cancer.

Recently the first phase of audition was been conducted at Gastro Pub located at Bishwojyoti Mall, Jamal, Kathmandu. The audition round saw more than four dozen applicants who were been screened on the basis of their personality, confidence, positive attitude and enthusiasm towards the competition and the related field. As per the organizing team after final phase audition the selected candidates would go through an extensive grooming session to prepare the candidates to face the finale of the event.

The grooming session for the event would be majorly focused on personality development, women empowerment, enhancing communication skills, health related workshops, educational tours and various aspects of stage presentation and performance, Photo shoot, media orientation, fashion and beauty orientation and lot others to transform the selected participants to the potential candidate to be awarded as Miss Nepal Peace 2073.