Mallika Sherawat took tips from Rekha for bold scenes

Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat, who has given bold scenes in film ‘Dirty Politics’ has said she had taken tips from Rekha for such intimates scenes. The actress has given intimates scenes with OM Puri in the movie.

Mallika Sherawat

“I felt to too difficult to shot such scene with a senior actor like Om Puri. So, I took suggestion from him,” Mallika said. Then, Om Puri said the actress that he had shot similar scenes with actress Rekha in the film ‘Aastha’. Afterwards, Mallika watched the film and took tips.

“I had watched the film. But, watched it again after discussion with Om Puri and acted,” she said. The actress, who has played a role of a politician in the
film, remarked the film is different from her others film.


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