Lucky Sherpa won Mrs. Global Nepal 2023 Title

Lucky Sherpa has been crowned as the winner of the event dedicated to married women, Mrs. Global Nepal 2023. Along with the main title, Lucky also won several other awards such as the most intelligent, most popular and public choice video award.

Bhumika Budha Magar came in as the first runner-up, while Chandra Kala Tamang secured the second runner-up position. Bhumika was also awarded as the most attractive contestant, and Chandra Kala won the trophy for the most confident category.

The event also awarded Gita B.K. as the best photogenic and best dressed contestant, while Ritu Shraf won the most active category. Sanju Pradhan was awarded as the most smart, and Usha Kumari Shah as the most diligent.

The event was organized by Himalayan Movies Production House, and the contestants were trained by renowned fashion choreographer Himani Subba, who helped them to refine their skills and showcase their talents to the fullest.

The event was held at Music City Hall, Balkumari, Lalitpur and was witnessed by a packed audience of enthusiasts and supporters. The event was a celebration of the beauty, talent, and resilience of married women, and all the contestants shone brilliantly in their respective categories.


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