Every girl of my age wants freedom and good platform; Laxmi Tamang Moktan, Miss Tamang 2015

The lady at sweet sixteen of her age who defines herself as an optimistic, ambitious, passionate and hardworking, Laxmi Tamang Moktan is new Miss Tamang being crowned on 31st of January, 2015 in capital. An event was organized by Everest Fashion Home. Gemini by Zodiac sign, Laxmi is currently pursuing her plus two education at Golden gate international college. This young achiever resides at Gokarna and is fond of listening music and sightseeing. She does have some interest in the field of modeling and sports. As per her career goal she desires to be a nurse and also wants to do modeling.

Laxmi Tamang MoktanLaxmi defines:
Personal quote: Do what you love. Life is too short to waste your time doing anything.
Her childhood: Belonging to a middle class family, I had simple childhood as any other normal girls have. I was introvert, shy type of girl and short tempered also. I was quite laborious and ambitious too.
What makes her mood on and off: Eating, hanging out with friends and watching movies make my mood on instantly. Arrogant people, backstabbers, rainy day and load shedding makes my mood off.
Valentine day: 14th Feb, day for couples obviously. But for me, it’s like any other normal days.
Being beautiful: It is all about being oneself, confident and having positive attitude towards anything or any situation. Being beautiful is having pretty soul with beautiful heart.

Laxmi Tamang MoktanWhat importance do you find in organizing ethnic pageants like Miss Tamang?
This kind of ethnic pageants are more important because these ethnic pageants not only help the individuals to be confident and get the best of them, it also enables in promoting and conserving ethnic culture, art and language.

What major changes have you experienced within yourself after you took part in Miss Tamang 2015?
Earlier I was shy and introvert but now after taking part in Miss Tamang, I feel that my confidence level has increased and my personality has developed. I have become more social. I have known much more about my Tamang culture, its history and its current status in the country.

What according to you is the biggest challenge a girl youth of your age is facing today and what should be done to overcome or solve it?
What every girl of my age wants is freedom and good platform to showcase their talent and interests. But our society being conservative and patriarchal, girls are not provided with good platform. They are underestimated and bounded within the four walls. Being girl by myself, I suggest on the awareness programs about girl education and their empowerment. Appropriate platform and security should be provided to the girls so that they can feel secure and empowered.

What do you want to do for the betterment of your community and why would you work on that particular aspect?
As people of Tamang community are not well educated and backward in health issues, I would like to aware and encourage my community people to give more emphasis on education and in health issues as they are basic necessities for community development.

If been offered to be a Movie of your language, what sort of role would you prefer to act in, why?
If been offered in movie of my language, I’d prefer to act in leading role representing today’s youth and educated girl who wants to change the dominating society and want to make her society prosperous.

One word interaction with Laxmi
Life with family and friends: complete and secure
Travelling on your own alone: peace
Hot chocolate in the winter mornings: delight
Ice cream during the summer days: refreshing
Shopping without plans: fun
Being in the headlines of Newspaper: pride

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– By Rojin Shakya
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