Komal Oli in love with Cambodia

Singer Komal Oli in Cambodia 1Glamour Nepal, Kathmandu
Folk singer Komal Oli is travelling in thatched houses. If one sees her photographs, its looks that the singer is at Tharu settlements in her home districts Dang. But, the rural village is not of Nepal but of Indonesia.

For Oli, who has reached different countries across the globe for musical programs, Cambodia is special. “I found many things similar to Nepali society in Cambodia,” the singer said talking to Glamour Nepal.

Oli says children in the country are most lovable. “I didn’t understand their language but, we shared spiritual behavior.” She claimed that children enjoyed after she sang Nepali songs.

She says she felt visiting a village in Nepal after seeing houses in Cambodia.

Singer Komal Oli in Cambodia 2
Singer Komal Oli in Cambodia 3


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