The Interview – released amidst threats of attacks, Now available online

The production company Sony Pictures has released the film – The Interview – despites threats of cyber-attacks. The film has already been released in some 200 theaters in US and in also available on online platforms. The film was released on You Tube on Christmas. Likewise, it can also be watched in the company’s website and Microsoft platforms.The-InterviewHowever, the film is available online only in US and Canada. The movie is being screened in 320 theaters in the US alone. Sony Pictures refused to comment on question if the film that was produced in USD 4 crore 40 lakh, will earn profit after it was released on digital platforms.

US President Barak Obama has praised the release of the film. The film based on the killing of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had created tension between two countries.

A hacker group had attacked the server of Sony Pictures and leaked confidential documents. US President Obama had blamed North Korea for the hacking attacks.

One has to pay USD 6 to watch the movie and USD 15 to download it. On first day of release, the movie was rated as good by 19,671 viewers, while 822 termed it bad.


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