How Wilson Bikram Rai became Takme Budha? – watch Video

Wilson Bikram Rai Takme BudhaWilson Bikram Rai, a Nepali Comedian, Actor, Singer, Dancer and Producer, known as Takme Budha Shared his past painful and funny stories to M&S Channel.
Watch the video and Know, how Wilson Bikram Rai became Takme Budha?

KNOW MORE about Wilson Bikram Rai
Wilson Bikram Rai is a Popular Nepali Comedian, Actor, Singer, Dancer and Producer too. Wilson is known as Takme Buda, who had traveled more than 2 dozens of foreign countries. Wilson Bikram Rai was born in Birtamod, Jhapa Nepal where his father and sister still resides. His mother Mrs Kamala Rai died when he was 9 years old.

He is active in singing as well. His Hits Songs includes ‘Pani Pani Pani Jindagani…’, ‘19 Fauntin youdda Ladhda Pako Mailey Takma…’ ‘I Love You Santaram…’

Wilson hosted a stand-up comedy on YouTube, titled The Wilson Bikram Show, which managed to entertain many people and made him popular figure. He has acted in many music videos of famous singer’s too, like Adrian Pradhan’s Khairo Khairo Kapal Timro…, Crying singer Prakash Poudel’s Haa Haa Haa…, Parbati Rai’s Jhajhalko Aai Rahancha Barai…, Kumar Dumi Rai’s Soi Dhole Soi… and more.

Wilson Bikram rai acted in many Nepali movies: Shati(1998), Samjhana(2008) Saayad (2012), Rhythm(2013), Facebook (2013), Nepathya(2013), Producer(2014), Humjayega(2014), My Promise(2014), One Way(2014), Adhkatti(2015) and Raato Ghar(2015) and Honored Best Comedy Artist by Filmy Khabar Film Award, Best Supporting Actor NFDC Award and Best Comedy Actor NAFTA from the movie Saayad, Best Supporting Actor by DCine Awards and National Film Award for Best Actor from the movie Rhythm, NAFTA Award for Best Actor in Comedy Role, Kamana Award for Best Actor in Comedy Role and DCine Award for Best Comedian from the movie Producer.


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