How the First Car Come To Nepal ? Amazing Video

first-car-iin-NepalCar Transport, Nepal, 1940
“Instead of cars carrying workers, Nepal has workers carrying cars on the rocky, hilly trail from Kathmandu. Here automobiles, stripped of wheels and bumpers, are shoulder-borne to and from the capital, the only Nepalese city with modern roads. This old German-made Mercedes is going to India as a trade-in on a shiny American model. Some 60 coolies, moving to the rhythm of a chant, balance it on long poles.”
From “Peerless Nepal—A Naturalist’s Paradise,” National Geographic magazine, January 1950, Photograph by Volkmar Wentzel

Adolf Hitler gifted 1938 model Mercedes Benz to King Truibhuvan of Nepal, which was the first car ever seen in Nepal. The Car was carried to the Kathmandu by men in 1940. At That Time there were no roads in the city.

How the First Car Come TO Nepal ? Watch Amazing Video !


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