MOVING MOUNTAIN – Mega Earthquake of 1990, Nepal

MOVING MOUNTAIN – Documentary Film based on the stories of the survivors in the Mega Earthquake of BS 1990 (1934 AD).

earthquick-in-Nepal-BS-1990What happened in BS 1990 (1934 AD) was part of a natural continuum of which the present day continues to remain a part? We were fortunate to be able to document the first hand experiences of those who survived that devastating earthquake. Moving Mountains is not just an ode to the past. It is a reminder of a daunting reality that continues to haunt the Himalayas, even today. When this seismic beast does resurface, we must be prepared. There is no room for complacency.

A Production of Incessant Rain Studios in association with Ministry of Home Affairs Nepal, Nepal Red Cross Society, British Red Cross and Nepal Risk Reduction Consortium.
A Magnitude 6 Earth quick, Equals the force of an Atom Bomb, What Happened on Magh 2, 1990? Was 1000 times more powerful? Within a second Kathmandu was transformed into a Sea of Debris, Death and Devastation, thousands died a few children were survived… This is the story that they live to tell. If we don’t plan, if we don’t prepare and if we don’t act now! There past could become.


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