The Glaze on a Moroccon Paradise by Arzoo Shrestha

The presentation of creative dress is inspired by the country ‘Morocco’, a North African country known as the valley of paradise. It is a land of diverse geography with European cultural influences.


The headgear is inspired from the famous heritage of Morocco the “Hassan Tower”, made by the metal and embellished by the sparkling stone all over it. To paraphrase the remarkable Moroccan handicraft, the bodice is made of shaped decorative mirrors with the well furnished wooden frameworks.

The lower part is made up of crinoline to shape out the silhouette which is covered  by the vibrant colors of braided wool inspired from the traditional ‘water seller’ that portraits the traditional costumes and culture of Morocco.

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The Glaze on a Moroccon Paradise by Arzoo Shrestha

The lower part of crinoline has shaped the Morocco’s very lavish architectural styles. To give the eye on the wood carvings and stucco carvings done in Morocco, thermocol is carved and painted with the hanging tassels on the end part. Silver accessories, chains, pearls and decorative stones are used as it is basically used in Morocco’s marriage ceremonies.


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