Girls should be allowed to put their views; Sarina Sthapit, Miss Newa 1135

‘Girls should be allowed to put their views and thoughts forward about their aspirations in life’, Sarina Sthapit, Miss Newa 1135

– By Rojin shakya

Born and brought up in Ganabahal, Kathmandu, 21 years of age fair lady Sarina Sthapit is newly crowned Miss Newa 1135 in a tenth annual event of Miss Newa pageant held at Nepal Academy Hall on 28th February 2015 organized by Nepalese Fashion Home. With five feet and six inches tall figure Sarina weighs 55 kg. The lady with zodiac sign Aries enjoys travelling, likes to read novels, involve in social work and do shopping as almost all girls loves to. Currently Sarina is pursuing her studies at Nepal College of Management in the fourth year of BBA. Our tenth season winner of Miss Newa pageant aspires to become a successful entrepreneur and also dreams to be known as the world’s renowned novelist.
Sarina Sthapit Miss Newa 1135

Sarina defines:
Personal quote: Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too.

Herself: An optimistic and a very sensitive person who lives in the present moment because I believe only by focusing on the present one can work towards the bright future. I am very positive and I live life to the fullest. I can say I am resilient as I am able to recover quickly from bad experiences and move forward. I am always ready to help people in need and be there for people I care about.

New Year resolution for 2072: Getting up early in the morning and working out

What makes her mood on and offs: Oreo and ice cream, smiling faces and shopping makes my mood on while cancelled plans turn my mood off.

Newar woman of 21st century: She is the one who has immense capability and strength to stand tall, face the world, get out of their shell and become independent and fearless.

Being Beautiful: It is knowing and accepting your flaws and imperfections and being comfortable with the way you truly are.

What importance do you find in organizing ethnic pageants like Miss Newa?
Ethnic pageants like miss newa is really an important platform for young newar girls who want to explore themselves and their culture because it’s an amazing opportunity for them to get to know themselves better and to discover about their identity as a newar girl in a whole new light. Such pageants also encourage girls to become proud of who they are and to embrace their own uniqueness.

What major changes have you experience within yourself after you took part in Miss Newa 1135?
After I took part in miss newa I felt positive changes within me. Before I was just a normal shy girl but after then I am now more confident and I believe in the things I do. I have built faith in me that I can achieve anything I want if I just set my heart and soul into it. Participating in miss newa has taught me to love myself and appreciate myself more.

What according to you is the biggest challenge a girl youth of your age is facing today and what should be done to overcome or solve it?
According to me the biggest challenge a girl youth of my age is facing today is not being able to come forward and do the things they love because of the boundaries of our society. We still live in a narrow-minded society so girls today feel caged because they are not allowed to flutter their wings.
In order to overcome this I think there should be two way communication between children and parents so that parents can fully understand what their children want and children can explain properly to their parents what they want to do in their life. Especially girls should be allowed to put their views and thoughts forward about their aspirations in life so that they don’t just end up being an applauder in someone else’s achievement but someday the whole world will be able to applaud for them in their achievements.

What would like to change about yourself and how would it make you better after the change?
The one thing that I would like to change about myself is my sensitiveness. I would like my heart to be tough and strong so that I can control myself and support others in time of difficulties.

If been offered to be a Movie of your language, what sort of role would you prefer to act in, why?
If I am offered to be in a movie of my language then I would prefer to be in such a role which would bring positive influence in people’s lives because I want to inspire them to become better and love their true self.

One word interaction with Sarina
Life without communication: Dull
Travelling on your own alone: Adventurous
Ice coffee in the summer days: Refreshing
Color that defines you the most: White
One word you are afraid of: Time
Being in the headlines of Newspaper: Pride


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