Babu Kanchha: Salon Basnet and Karishma Shrestha working together again

Babu Kanchha Actor Actress : Salon Basnet Karisham Shrestha

A new Nepali movie BABU KANCHHA has been recently announced amid the press meet in Kathmandu. a new directorial movie of Shovit Basnet is currently in the floor.

BABU KANCHHA features Salon Basnet, Karishma Shrestha, Ritik Shahi, Aslin Gyawali and Jyotsna Maharjan in the lead roles. This is the second movie of actors Salon Basnet and Karishma Shrestha together, who are being portrayed as the main characters in the movie. Earlier, the duos were seen in the movie LUV SUB.

Actress Karishma Shrestha is doing her come back from this movie after long time, whereas other two model-turned actresses Aslin Gyawali and Jyotsna Maharjan are making their debut from this movie.


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