Anista Gurung: Woman is a strong rock under that delicate butterfly facade.

Anista-GurungIt’s been six months, 23 years of age beautiful, bold and confident Anista Gurung was been crowned as Miss Mongol 2014, the sixth season of the event organized by Action Entertainment Pvt Ltd and showcased at Army Officers club on 5th of April 2014. It was her second consecutive attempt in the same event. Anista, the lady having a career goal to be a dentist, these days is pursuing studies at KUSMS, Dhulikhel and is the student of BDS 2nd year. Headin from Jawalakhel Anista has interests in music, poetry and photography. She has also few appearances on the ramp shows as a model. The fair lady by complexion, she stands five feet two inches and is an Aquarius by zodiac sign.

Anista defines
Being Beautiful: is beauty on the inside and out, beautiful personality and looks, beautiful aura, like the total package. Being beautiful is eternal.

Being Romantic: is a way of letting your partner know that you still love them, and letting them know that you depend on them and need them, it is all about creating memories. Love is in the details. Learn to be selfless. Going out of your way to do something special for your sweeter half knowing that it would bring a pleasant smile on their face. Do something unexpected at times, more into the classic romance.

Being Human: is simply acting like a human being, to understand our responsibility toward those around us, since we are gifted with the most developed brain that can reason and understand.

Being Woman: It’s wonderful being a woman because she is an epitome of love and care who will stand strong as a pillar of strength till the end playing different roles as the life goes on. Woman is a strong rock under that delicate butterfly facade. Every woman is gifted with the most precious gift of being a mother, nothing could make me happier. Carrying a life within you for 9 months and then birthing it into this world must be a joy beyond comprehension.

Anista-Gurung-1-1Now it’s been about six months you were crowned as Miss Mongol 2014, what is that you have done or been doing after being Miss Mongol 2014?
I have been an active member of Women’s Dream Multi Service Pvt. Ltd. It’s a team of self motivated women whose only dream is to empower and enhance women in every aspects of life by providing them vocational training and supporting them with proper counseling. I also want to assist in rural community development and ensure equal access to education. My focus has always been on working with the developmentally disabled. We are working on that project and soon it will be put into action with the guidance of Action Entertainment.

You joined the same competition twice and in the consecutive years, in the year 2013 and then in 2014, what made you win in your second participation and what didn’t make you to win in 2013?
Reason behind my participation (both times), I was only chasing my childhood dream. I grew up watching beauty pageants. How lovely the contestants looked, the way they carried out themselves on the stage, used their wit n charm and the most beautiful part was getting crowned and their last wave to the audience, all these would leave me in awe. I have always wanted to experience that.

Well when I took part in 2013, I did give my best in that year too and could come up till Top 5, May be my performance was a bit less than the top 3 so I could make it to the crown. What I learned about pageants was that, at first glance, it seems like a group of girls competing for a crown. But, on closer inspection, we often find women on a mission – not for a prize, but for a voice. I was more determined and I was ready to work harder and give my every bit to this pageant. I wanted to earn the crown on my own abilities; I had to do it for myself and for all the people who believed in me. No doubt it was a bumpy road, it wasn’t easy but every sec I spent had been worth it in the end.

Were you been benefited being the winner, if yes how?
Of course the crown and sash are materialistically the highlights of winning the competition, Earned the identity as Miss Mongol 2014. But, I truly believe “you define the crown, the crown does not define you.” Meaning, you make the crown, so do something good, amazing, and make a difference. Your reign is only a year, and in a year you can do whatever your heart pleases!

Not only that there are so many things I learn not only about myself, but also about communication skills, leadership, interviews, and poise. I never saw pageantry as a competition; I always looked at it as a learning experience. Because out of the whole training session, you learn so much that it’s beyond mind blowing what you can grasp!

Pageantry has given me the opportunity to network with few organizations and work with them, help them spread the awareness. I was appointed as the Chief Guest and Judge in the Inter School Talent Competition held on the International Youth Day by CYWC and FPAN.

Do you feel beauty pageants contribute in empowering women, if yes how?
Definitely, without any doubt, I truly feel it does. I would be lying if I said pageantry didn’t do anything for me because it literally changed who I am, my vision, and everything I once was. I’m grateful for each and every experience I’ve encountered.

Beauty Pageant provides a platform where it concerns about national identity, cultural hopes and desires, and anxieties about race and gender are crystallized and condensed. It encourages individual achievement, self-determination, and civic responsibility, while simultaneously promoting very conventional notions of beauty.

As you are in the pursuing your studies in dentistry what suggestions would like to give to maintain our dental or oral hygiene?
Human body is a machine. You are what you eat and what goes inside the system goes through the mouth, What I have seen and felt is that people haven’t and don’t realize the importance of oral health. It is associated with the proper working of the system and healthy teeth not only enable you to look and feel good, they make it possible to eat and speak properly. Hence forth maintenance of oral health is very important.

Start with the basic:
i. Regular teeth brushing (brush up on how to brush your teeth) and cleaning between teeth helps to keep your teeth and gums healthy, and helps to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.
ii. Choosing the right toothbrush and toothpaste
iii. Other things that may help include mouthwashes , floss and tongue cleaning
iv. Eating a healthy diet, this includes limiting sugary drinks and foods. If you smoke, stopping smoking will improve oral hygiene.
v. Have a dental check-up at least once a year.

One word interaction with Anista
One word to define the initial alphabet of your name: Angelic!
One word to define the final alphabet of your name: Aphrodisiac!
One word to define your fashion style: chic!
Shopping for you is: the best therapy!
Life without love is: worthless!
Life without communication is: unpleasant!
Life without money is: inconvenient!



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