Youth should not promote strikes; Supriya Hamal

Supriya-Hamal-1A young achiever who is at mid teens of her life, Supriya Hamal is newly crowned Miss Plus 2 Nepal 2014 awarded on 27th of December 2014 at Army officers club, in an event organized by Youhaan international events Pvt. Ltd. Supriya believes her positive attitude towards work, passion to anything, dedication towards studies and loyalty towards people associated with, are her assets. Regarding her minus she says,’ I want everything to be perfect and this causes problems sometimes.’ Supriya, a girl at seventeen stands five feet and three inches. Though diversified she finds her interests in the field of science, technology and even in the field of glamour. Supriya resides at Khusibun, Kathmandu and aims to be a Gynecologist and also wish to be crowned as Miss Nepal in coming days. Cancer by Zodiac sign this fair lady is currently doing her plus two at GEMS Institute of Higher Education.

Supriya Defines
Herself: As an ambitious girl who has the courage to face every obstacle with a smile in her face. She says, ‘Everything in life fascinates me and I am a kind of a person who finds happiness in it.’
Resolution for year 2015: It would be engaging herself more at social works, new projects and doing some good movies as wants to promote Nepali Cinema.
Being fashionable: It is being comfortable with what you wear but the dress you put on should compliment your personality.
Being beautiful: For me it is being comfortable with my skin.
Being 21st century woman: It is being educated, having positive attitude, open minded and standing against the social problems.

Supriya-HamalHow would you recall the moment you were been crowned as Miss Plus 2 Nepal 2014?
The crowning moment was indeed the most glorious moment of my life. I was nervous but meantime I was overjoyed and yes that was the moment of mixed feeling couldn’t be expressed in words.

In your opinion what made you the winner of the competition?
In my opinion hard work, dedication, stage performance, sincerity, support from my family and supporting audience made me the winner of Miss plus 2 Nepal.

Being Youth of today what would be your thought on one of the major problem of today’s youth, why?
I feel today’s youth are being targeted. They are engaged in politics, supporting political parties but in my view they should stay neutral and should work for the welfare of Nepalese society. Youth should not promote strikes in anyway and should say ‘no’ for it.

If been offered to be a Television presenter what sort of program would be your choice to host and why?
If been offered I would prefer to choose the program that works for social cause, which can bring positive changes in the society, consciousness among the people and indeed entertain the viewers as well.

One word interaction with Supriya
Life without friends: Boring
Life without internet: Dumb
One word that is never you: Selfish
One word that is exactly you: Fun lover
One word that you wish to delete from your life: Sadness
One word that you wish to add more in your life: Success

– By Rojin Shakya


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