Writing ‘I Love Katrina’ in suicide note, a fan commits suicide


A student studying Engineering at Indore in India has committed suicide on Saturday. Rahul Kumar Sinha, who was at his last year of Electrical Engineering in Institute of Science and Tecnology, has committed suicide by hanging himself in the ceiling of his own room. While his other room partners Rajan, Nawaratna and Aniket went to college on Saturday, he opted to remain in the room alone. The suicide note found near him reads: ‘I Love Katrina’.

Aniket had called his friend Rahul in the phone when he knew at the college that he left his file in the room. After Rahul did not answer the phone call, Aniket called another friend of same apartment to ask him inform Rahul about the matter. When Rahul did not respond the repeated knocks at his door of flat no 102, the friend found him hanging inside while he peeked from the door. According to Rahul’s friends, he was a big fan of Indian actor Katrina Kaif. He used to talk always about Katrina and when one of the friends told him some other day that Katrina has crazier fan than him, he had cried a lot.


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