Try to make people feel YES! There is a country like NEPAL; Subas Parajuli


Subas Parajuli | Photo: Maheswor Man Singh

Glamour Nepal, Kathmandu; It was 20th of September 2014, after 4 hours long battle Subas Parajuli, 26 years of Young man from Bhojpur got his dream true being the winner of Model of the year 2014 organized by Next Models Nepal. 5 feet 11 inches tall man these engaged in Government service to earn his daily living but he aspires to be a successful media personality and a movie star as well as upgrade himself in the top level in the Government organization. As per the academic background Subas is pursuing EMBA. Having the keen interest in the field of modeling Subas do loves singing, photography, acting, playing guitar and watching movies.

Here is what we have explored more about Subas Parajuli;
Subas defines fashion is exposing ones inner and outer wellness n fitness that has the power to be a trendsetter. It is not exactly wearing trendy wears; rather it is the smart way of carrying outer appearance and inner intellectuality. Someone has said: A fit and healthy body itself is a fashion statement.

He defines life is nothing but a journey from womb to tomb. It’s a journey of uncertainty. U don’t know where you reach and you can’t return to past. We live in present and every present is the footstep of this journey.
He defines love is nothing but reason to live. It gives us reason to stay alive and add colors to our life. It is love that makes our soul, our belonging, our relations and our society.

What made you join model of the year?
I was interested in the media field since childhood. I used to do caricature of stars and used to think that I also will be a star one day. As time passed, situations made me join different fields. Though, the star inside me was not dead. I gave my extra time to sharp myself so that I could join the field of my interest one day. I came to know about this contest through the internet. I thought this could be the kick start of my career in media.


Subas Parajuli | Photo: Kamal Shrestha

What would you never forget about the model of the year?
In fact every moment of this event is memorable, right from the audition till the grand finale. During our training, we all participants became the part of cleaning campaign of Bagmati River. It was a feeling of being responsible citizen. We also went to help The Srijansil Child Care center, an orphanage located at Gothatar. I would never forget those orphans full of life and hope. Beside these, our grooming by Jayan Subba Manandhar, Kosis Chhetri, Deepak sir is also memorable for me. And of course, the moment I received the award of MODEL OF THE YEAR 2014, is unforgettable.

If the final question of the competition ‘ fashion is for your own or for others’ is to be repeated what would be your answer?
I was clear about my view on that question at that moment and clear on it now as well. If that question is repeated again my answer would be same what I gave there. That is fashion is first for own eyes and then it’s also for other eyes. First one should feel confident and that comes from what their eyes see in themselves. Then others should see them normal and acceptable too as the ultimate feedback comes from others. Therefore, fashion is for both, your own eye and other eyes also.


Subas Parajuli | Photo: Kamal Shrestha

What made you to be chosen as model of the year?
It’s my confidence. I don’t say that I did everything perfect. I immediately learned from what went wrong to prepare myself for what should I do next. Giving my best garnished with the confidence was my only motto at that time. Beside this, I was punctual and professional as possible I could be at the training phase.

If you ever get an opportunity to represent NEPAL at international level, how would you do that?
The question itself I think is the base of the answer. I will do everything possible to make everyone say wow! This model is from the country of Himalayas. I will try to show and expose the every pride of our country to international level. I will make people feel yes! There is a country like Nepal and he is the Nepalese.
– by Rojin Shakya


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