Teen Princess Diva and Beautician Diva 2017 in One Stage

Teen Princess Diva and Beautician Diva 2017, the two beauty pageants on different genres shared the same stage. Organized and managed by Radiant event management agency, both beauty contests were been showcased at Rastriya Naachghar, Jamal, on 8 September 2017.

In Teenage category Pranita Pradhan earned Teen Princess Diva 2017 award. She was also successful at photogenic and confident award. In the event Aliza Oli and Roshika Shakya respectively were chosen as first and second runner-ups. Aliza was also awarded as dancing award while Roshika also topped at catwalk award.

In the Beautician category Ranjita K.C. topped as Beautician Diva 2017 while Divisha Basyal and Sushma Pradhan were chosen as first and second runner-ups respectively.

The event also saw Ranjita winning most confident category while Divisha earned the awards of beautiful smile and best dress. Sushma was also chosen as the winner of viewer choice category. Both the events were been choreographed by Raj Phaiju.