Sonika Rai Wins Mrs. Diva Nepal 2023 Beauty Pageant

Sonika Rai emerged as the winner of the highly anticipated Mrs. Diva Nepal 2023 beauty pageant. Sonika’s exceptional intelligence also earned her the Mrs. Intelligent award. The event was held at the Music City Hall in Balkumari, Lalitpur.

In the event, Pramila Majhi secured the first runner-up position, along with the Mrs. Personality award. Meena Rai was chosen as the second runner-up and received recognition for her active participation, winning the Mrs. Active and Public Choice Video awards.

Frida Joshi became Mrs. Popular, capturing the hearts of the audience and earning the Mrs. Pleasant award. The event was organized by the Himalayan Movies Production House and choreographed by fashion choreographer Himani Subba.


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