SEE Princess 2020 Opened

The premiere pageant in SEE category, SEE Princess earlier known as SLC Princess has opened its registration for the edition of the year 2020.

The event is being organized by Season Media Pvt. Ltd. since a decade from now has improvised various aspects of the grooming session for the participants and has focused on the areas to transform a person into a better professional.

As per this, the training session would be focused on the person and personality development of the participant that would majorly involve the sessions related to enhancing communication skills, confidence development, socialization, learning major soft skills, etc. Career counseling, leadership development, enhancing stage presentation skills, social media etiquette, and modeling etiquette would be the highlight of the training session.

As per the organizing, the last date enrolls for the competition would be by Bhadra 10 2077 B.S. while audition would be on the floor on 13th of Bhadra 2077 B.S.