PRASAD Revealed its First song & Namrata’s Special Look

The First song of Nepali Movie PRASAD, titled ‘Lai Lai…’ has been released via Youtube. The song is accompanied by a lyrical video, with stills from the movie. Namrata Shrestha and Bipin Karki starrer movie tells the story about ‘how a couple struggling to conceive a child maintain love and mutual understanding?’

“At the heart of Prasad is an inter-caste marriage in which I have portrayed the role of the husband belonging to a lower caste. My approach while portraying this role, as in my previous movie, is the same,” actor Karki said, “I have tried to give the character some real-life resonances so that the audience can relate and empathies with him. In any project, be it in the past or now, my approach remains the same, which many have said goes against the grain of what a ‘hero’ in a Nepali movie should be.”

The movie also features director Nischal Basnet make a comeback as an actor. “I felt like I really ‘acted’ this time. Maybe it’s because of my own maturity as an actor, but more than that, it’s because of the director,” Basnet has said. He also mentioned that because the story delves into psychological conflicts between its characters, the shooting entailed plenty of retakes once even 34 outtakes before a shot was finalized.

Director Dinesh Raut, whose previous directorial include romance dramas such as Classic and November Rain, said that the song more or less captures the essence of the movie. Scriptwriter Sushil Paudel said that his debut is an attempt at “course correction of an industry where stories are often poor and aren’t portrayed creatively.”

In the song and the stills that go with it, Karki is seen as a married tailor while Basnet looks like the one that comes in between the couple’s relationship.


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