Organizer of Miss Grand Nepal Feeding the Needy Ones

The global pandemic Corona Virus Covid19 has severely affected lives of every single individual globally. Nepal and Nepalese are also being affected. With the lockdown the lives of people has become more measurable. The poor and underprivileged people are facing more hard times. To manage bread and butter for them is becoming more difficult.

Apart from the government body, at this time many of the individuals and social organizations are extending their helping hands by supporting the needy ones with the various supplies of basic needs to survive. The organizer of Miss Grand Nepal, RK Entertainment Group Pvt. Ltd. led by Lucky Ram K.C. and his team is also been in the field to support the needy ones with food and other basic needs. Ever since the lockdown was been implemented the team of RK Entertainment Group with other supporting hands, have been feeding number of poor, needy and underprivileged people. Since two months the team is in its continuous effort being supportive to the needy ones.

RK Entertainment Group Pvt. Ltd. is the organizing team of Miss Grand Nepal having the franchise of top listed international beauty pageants like Miss Tourism International, Miss Multinational, Miss Scuba International and Miss Landscapes International. The team also holds the pageants like School Princess, College Queen Nepal, Kindergarten Prince and Princess etc.


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