Nishma Ghimire’s journey from modeling to films

Glamour Nepal,
Nishma Ghimire of Biratnagar made her way into entertainment sector through a dance reality show. She became top five in the Mister and Miss Kathmandu in 2010. Nishma, who modeled in many music videos, made debut in film though ‘Rhythm’ directed by Bikash Acharya.

Nishma-Ghimire-Kantipur-SaptahikStanding five feet and 3 inches, Nishma is trying her best to be established as an actress. She is winning hearts of audiences by performing attractive dances as different awards ceremonies organized in Kathmandu. For her, dance is not only passion but, also a career.

Actress-Nishma-Ghimire-1Despite having different qualities, she is not being able to be established in films. What are the reasons? “I have special interest in dance. I am busy in learning and teaching dance. I will act only act if I get a role that suits me. That may be the reason I have only handful of movies.

Nishma, acted film ‘Love U Baba’ is screening from this Friday. She has appeared as lover of actor Gajit Bist in the movie. Nishma aim in future is to be a successful actress and fine dance choreographer.
Photo Courtesy: Sajan Rana

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