Nepathya’s brief musical US tour wrapped up

Popular Nepali musical group Nepathya performed in Atlanta , US on Saturday.


According to Nepalaya; with this performance, one week after the one staged in Los Angeles, Nepathya ended its brief musical US tour.

Nepathya performed their hits songs ‘Bhedako Oon jasto…, Chhekyo Chhekyo…, Chari Maryo…, Jomsomai Bajaar maa…, Salaijo…, Gaun Gaun Baata Utha…, Resham… and Taalko Pani…’ among others.

‘Bhedako Oon jasto…’ was performed with a synchronized video and light package choreographed to create an exciting impact to the audience.

The show ended with Nepathya’s version of Gopal Prasad Rimal’s song, composed by Amber Gurung and sung by Phatteman and Amber Gurung ‘Rato ra Chandra Surya…’.

Vocalist Amrit Gurung also sang new songs from his upcoming album. – Koshi ko paani yo zindagani…, Salalala bahijane ho harura…, Aamako kokhma baas matrai liye ni…, Kun desha ko maran ho hajura…

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