Nepathya Releases New Video Song – Samjhi Rakha…

Popular poet Tulsi Diwas’s creation will now be a part of Nepathya’s 10th album. The song ‘Samjhi Rakha Samjhirakha, Lamo Safar ma, Aasu Ra Haso Baadnu Parcha, Samjhi Rakha’(Remember, during long journeys, to share tears and laughter, remember…).

According to the press statement released by nepa-laya, Diwas’s old poem has now been made into a music video and it comes as a surprise to listeners from Nepathya on the occasion of their 25th year celebration.

Quoting Diwas the statement stated, “I wrote this poem during my childhood days. But it got printed only later when my collection of poetry was published. I am glad to see my poem being recorded by Nepathya. At this age, I am thrilled to see the poem that I wrote during my childhood days and published during my youth is now made into a song.”

It added that the music video traverses through Lalitpur’s narrow alleys, temples and palaces. In the music video, Nepathya band members are seen walking the streets of Patan through a tranquil night. The video made by Kathaharu is produced by nepa-laya, Nepathya’s management company.

Nepathya has already experimented with their music in poetry earlier. Few songs including ‘Aama’ written by Poet Tirtha Shrestha were based on poems. Nepathya frontman Amrit Gurung being quoted said, “I came across Diwas’s collection, while I was looking for lyrics. I have tried to provide music to one of the poems in the book.”

Nepathya has already announced the Silver Jubilee celebration throughout this year. The music video has been made to mark the occasion. Nepathya has also decided to launch their 10th album during their 25th year. ‘Samjhi Rakha’ is a song from their 10th album. The song is the fifth music video from the album so far. The music video of ‘Koshiko Pani’, ‘Ho Rama Rama’, ‘Sirfula’ and ‘Hami Nepali’ have already been released earlier and are available on Nepathya’s official Youtube channel.


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