Administrator of Promoting Solution Pramila Pairs with Actor Najir [watch video]

The new music video of the song titled ‘Kutu Kutu Aawaj Aayo’ by Melina Rai and Nishan Bhattarai has been released on 30th November 2020. The video features Actor Najir Hussain and Pramila Chhetri in the lead along with Pradip Adhikari and child artist Aayusha Gautam.

The female of the video Pramila Chhetri is the administrator of Promoting Solution Modeling agency, the organizer of the modeling competitions like Model Super Star, Model Super Star runway, Multimedia Star, etc.

The video is directed and edited by Tekendra Shah. Ram Kumar KC has captured the video while Rajiv Samar has choreographed the video. The video is presented by Limelight Nepal and produced by Chandra Krishna Shahi. The song is written by Pralhad Lamichhaney and composed by Rimesh Kumar.


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