Nepali Movie KO AFNO trailer: watch actress Richa Sharma’s New Looks

Nepali Movie KO AFNO Trailer: watch Actress Richa Sharma’s New Looks, you have Never Seen Before!

A trailer of Upcoming Nepali Movie KO AFNO has been revealed. Actress Richa Sharma have seen in different looks as a woman of rural village. The movie is written, produced and directed by Anil Thapa under the EIGHT 23 FILMS and the movie features Richa Sharma, Shushank Mainali, Menuka Pradhan, Subhash Thapa, Sudam CK, Shanti Giri, Rajan Khatiwada in lead roles. The movie is expected to release on February 2016.

Watch Here, a Trailer of Nepal Movie KO AFNO

Nepali Movie KO AFNO Story:
A Couple (Rajan Khatiwada and Shanti Giri) from Kathmandu city, Nepal, who can’t conceive their own child decide to adopt a 3 year old boy from ingenuous parents (Richa Sharma and Sushant Mainali) from a remote village of Nepal in hopes of their son’s education and a bright future.

It is a sincere but completely emotional story of the breakup of a perfect family. Biological parents live under a cloud of guilt after they realize the ulterior motive of adoptive parents. Depressed and drunk, father resorts to extreme measure to find his son. Mother is trapped in a web of longing and recrimination that she’s desperately trying to escape.

However, she is still hopeful that her son will return someday. Son (Subhash Thapa) grows up emotionally distant from his adoptive mother for whom outward appearance is all that matters. Meanwhile, he falls in love with his Chemistry Lab sweetheart (Menuka Pradhan) only to lose her soon after their courtship. By the time the son finds out about his true identity, he has the visa and plans to go to the U.S. Will he close his eyes to reality and move on with his life or will his conscience stop him to go meet his actual parents?


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