Nepal to host Miss Heritage International

miss-heritageGlamour Nepal, Kathmandu – With successful hosting of various domestic beauty pageants at regional and national level and making presence at international level through successful participation, E planet is now set to create history by hosting an international beauty pageant for the first time ever in Nepal.

With the slogan, “Buddha and Mount Everest are the identity of we Nepali”. Heritage, culture, tourism promotion and conservation automatically become our motto. E planet is aimed to showcase the international beauty pageant for the first time in the history of beauty pageants in Nepal. As per agreement made between two entities, Sipiti Media (Zimbabwe) initiators of the event and E planet (Nepal) , E planet is been confirmed as the host nation of Miss Heritage International 2014. Miss Heritage international event is being hosted with the aim of promoting tangible and intangible heritage while conserving the world heritage sites as been listed by UNESCO. The winners and the participants of the event are supposed to work hand and in hand with the host country in the promotion and preservation activities related to world heritage, art, culture, tourism, environment and peace in Nepal and in their respective countries.

According to the president of E planet Mr Santosh Sapkota this international event would be an effective podium to stimulate the art, culture, heritage, tradition and tourism of Nepal. Furthermore Mr Sapkota says “The event would be a milestone to make Nepal familiar and popular on the global podium and would also play an operative role for the cultural exchange”. As per the press statement at more than 30 countries across the globe will be sending their delegates to Nepal for the participation in the coveted Heritage crown this August. These delegates will be accompanied and supported by their event directors, journalists, family members and friends. Some of the participating countries will include Zimbabwe, Italy, India, Egypt, Russia, Macau, Latvia, Ghana, Estonia, New Zealand, Korea, Ecuador, South Africa, Sweden, Slovenia, Finland, Bahamas, Zambia, Boston, Sierra Leon, Mali, Malawi, Tanzania, Mauritius, Lesotho, and Venezuela.

According to E planet, for further preparation in relation to hosting the event in Nepal, a team from the main organizing entity, Sipiti Media (Zimbabwe) is visiting Nepal.

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