National Costume for Miss Grand International 2021

KARUNAMAYA, Rato Machindranath, Goddess of compassion and enlightenment, the national costume competition presented by Ronali Amatya at Miss Grand International 2021 in Thailand.

Currently the official delegate from Nepal, Ronali Amatya is competing at Miss Grand International 2021 being held in Thailand. From 19th November the official competition has kicked off and so, various preliminary competitions have been completed. Among the major ones, the national costume competition was been showcased on 30th November 2021 where the delegates from different parts of the globe showcased their nationality, ethnicity, tradition, culture, art, and artifacts through their national costume. This year Ronali on behalf of Nepal, in the national costume competition presented KARUNAMAYA, Rato Machindranath, Goddess of compassion and enlightenment.

The costume consists of an intricate hand-embroidered silk skirt and blouse along with handmade silk tassels for the chariot. In the design, a tapestry known as pataa is kept as a centerpiece. It is been embroidered in pure handloom silk with fine details of ASTAMANGAL. The look is completed with a mammoth wheel which has been hand-painted with various symbols like lotus, snake, and wheat plant. Approximate weight of 20Kgs and a total of 800 hours have been invested to create this majestic costume as a representation of the deity.

The dress is been designed by Pragya Chitrakar and the team of Simrik Design Studio, craftmanship by Sudan Munikar, jewelry by Stmaharjan jewels and glammed by Nilima Basnet. The pictures have been shot by fashion photographer Suzan Shrestha.

The grand finale of the 9th edition of Miss Grand International 2021 is scheduled for 4th December 2021 at Phuket, Thailand.



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