Mister Asia 2020 being held in Nepal

The international male pageant ‘Mister Asia 2020’ is being held in Nepal, with the tag line be a Real Man. The event is being conducted at Sauraha, Chitwan. Organized under banner of Manjari Group, the event has delegates from different corners of the globe.

The battle is going between eleven candidates from Thailand, Nepal, India, Philippines and Tajikistan. Among them two are from Nepal representing as Mister Asia Nepal and Mister Asia Nepal state no. 3. Likewise five of them are from India representing as Mister Asia India, Mister Asia South India, Mister Asia West India, Mister Asia East West India and Mister Asia North India.

There are two candidates from Philippines representing as Mister Asia Philippines and Mister Asia Republic of Philippines. The finale of the event is scheduled on the first week of the month of February 2020.