Miss Nepal 2016: Learning new things, changing personality

Girls are being groomed in various aspects, Knowing the mantra of success was more interesting than nothing else for the contestants of Miss Nepal 2016 winning

Miss Nepal 2016
Rojin Shakya | 19 final beauties of Fanta The Hidden Treasure Miss Nepal 2014 are going through the transformation phase. In that regard the ladies are going through regular training conducted by the choreographer Rachana Gurung Sharma.

Besides training session, the girls are being groomed in various aspects as well. Knowing the mantra of success was more interesting than nothing else for the contestants of Miss Nepal 2016, as they all were set to achieve the success winning the crown.

This motivational and inspirational grooming class was been conducted by Ranjit Acharya, from whom the girls delivered the success mantra and felt more confident than the earlier. Mr. Prachanda Man Shrestha was another man to add more information in the brains of the beauties of Miss Nepal 2016. This time was more on Tourism.

Likewise the contestants also learned more on competition, do’s and do not’s of the pageant through their seniors, yes the former Miss Nepal queens Malvika Subba and Shristi Shrestha.

Miss Nepal 2016 contestants enlightened their learnings through Ashutosh Tiwari on current affairs, on Dental Hygiene through Dr. Aayush Kharel, on skin care through Reena Shrestha, on Cultural Heritage through Safalya Amatya, on leadership and communication through Mahesh Dahal. The contestants did also experienced lecture by Raju Nepal. These all learning is making the contestants sound more beautiful by their brain.

On the other hand Reveal Make -up and Hair class by Sophie Sunuwar and Bigen Tamang, Styling ideas by Fashion Choreographer Bipen Gurung has helped the contestants to reflect more of beauty of their external personality.

Besides the lecture classes from various personalities and regular training on fitness and stage performance, the contestants of Miss Nepal 2016 have also being involved in several outdoor activities as well.

In one of the activities the contestants visited Bhaktapur relief Camp operated on behalf of victims of earthquake. During their visit at the camp the contestants got to know more of real life conditions of earthquake victims. The contestants did also visited Nepal Television and learned more about the Television media and technical aspects of its operation. The contestants also got involved Acnes activation at Civil Mall.

Walking and posing in style and talking with confidence are what the contestants are doing regular. More of the grooming is yet to come. Stay updated with us while we bring more of from making of new Miss Nepal.


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