Mesmerizing IEC Designer’s Runway 7

Designer’s Runway 7, the show revealed the creativity of fashion designing talents of IEC College of Art and Fashion, the recipient of Asian Top Fashion Organization of the Year at Fashion Asia Awards 2016 held at China.

By Rojin Shakya The evening of 22nd December 2017 became an evening dedicated to vivid imagination of style, fashion and glamour. Designer’s Runway 7, the show revealed the creativity of fashion designing talents of batch 2015 of IEC College of Art and Fashion, the recipient of Asian Top Fashion Organization of the Year at Fashion Asia Awards 2016 held at China.

The event kicked off with the collection of twelve dresses wrapped in the theme that had the elements inspired from 12 different Zodiac signs. The collection was presented by the team of Roja Bajracharya, Rabina Gurung, Raveena Maharjan and Suchina Shrestha.

The second collection that ruled the runway was Street carpet. The collection had various dresses ranging from street style high fashion to red carpet style. This effort was been made the team of Anisha Dahal, Sangi Gurung, Rojina Pandit and Migesh Udas. after then the dresses inspired by Valentine’s Day, where the designers Shreeya Shrestha, Aarshi Karki, Rasmita Raika and Kabita Shrestha were found exploring their creativity through the colors red and grey.

It seemed that the audience needed to keep their eyes wide open since every single dress was looked like a masterpiece. The journey of Designer’s Runway 7 also showcased the glimpses of dresses inspired from the royal look of Rana Regime where the imagination of Caroline Rai, Sushma Ghalan, Anita Chhetri and Jamuna Maharjan were witnessed. On the other hand the runway revived the scene of British Monarchy presented by the team of Kanchan Lama, Shraya K.C., Urusha Ghimire and Esha Oli Chhetri.

The journey went more interesting with the close encounters with the Tibetan inspired dresses where traditional elements were been modified to modernized feeling. This performance was been done by the team of Rachayata Makajoo, Isha Dahal, Manabi Tuladhar and Pasang Ghale.

The team of Kabisha Twanabashu, Bina Gelal, Sulasha Gho Shrestha and Sagar Prajapati delivered the essence of strength, pop, richness, luxury and youth through their collection called Noir Tribe. On the other hand the unusual designs like bending, crooking, slanting, sloping, curving were been seen played by the team of Rakshya Neupane, Selisha Chapagain, Bijaya Sapkota and Lalita Sapkota in their collection called Skew Whiff.

The collection named Sapphire was been showcased by Sabina Rawal, Sandira Tandukar, Ambika Shrestha and Sujani Malla where the wisdom, royalty and divine flavor of the gem stone were been explored in the dresses.

The scene of royal dresses paired with light head turbans were seen on the runway when designers Reejun Pradhan, Oshin Maharjan, Prakriti Wosti and Krisha Maharjan brought their collection named as Glisten Blink. The Glimmer Night by Beena K.C., Anjana Maharjan, Prinsha Maharjan and Arjina Ghimire mainly revealed the sophisticated classy overcoats in the hues of white, black, blue and grey.

The creativity of Rozy Khan, Vidisha Lunia, Lila Gurung and Eliza Thapa blended the culture, art and colors of India, Nepal and China to create an individual dress justifying their theme called Bonding. The final showcase of the event was by the team of Sabita Gurung, Min Kumari Waiba and Shrijana Gurung named as Double edged sword.

The collection of this sequence had eight garments, four being inspired by delicate and emotional side of a woman while other four being inspired by destructive and wicked side of a woman.

A sixty eight feet long runway set at Hyatt Regency, Boudha, Kathmandu, was a platform to unveil the actions of twenty four gorgeous models and male models Bhaskar Baniya & Subarna Khadka who put their effort to give life to each single garment designed by fifty one IECians showcased through 13 different sequences.

Other than the show stopper total hundred and eight exclusive attires were witnessed being flaunted in a stylish way as directed by the choreographer of the show Prashant Tamrakar. The event management team Next Models Nepal, lead by Ravi Dhamala and Yaetna Pandey scored the best possible to make the event worth to watch and take away a sweet memory. The event was been emceed by former Miss Nepal Malvika Subba.


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