Little Stars Kavre 2022 finalized

The pageant dedicated to schoolgoers named ‘Little Stars Kavre 2022’ has been successfully completed at Banepa. Hosted at Kayastha Banquet, the event crowned Eri Rana Magar from Graceland School as the winner of group A while Aarya Manandhar from Biddhya Sagar English School was been crowned as the winner of group B.

In the event, under Group A, Parthavi Pariyar earned first runners-up, Shreeju Aryal became second runners-up, Sayana Bade was third runners-up, and Prashna Ghimire was fourth runners-up.

Under Group B Subashma Shrestha earned first runners-up, Premisha Sigdel second runners-up, Divyashmu Khadka third runners-up, Khusi Baidhya fourth runners-up, and Shreesha Joshi was fifth runners-up.

The event also elected Aadarsha Pokharel as Little Prince and Aayusha Sapkota as Little Princess. The event was been organized by Innovation Event Management and was choreographed by Tenzu Yonjan and Jivan Giri.


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