Jenisha KC on cloud nine after signing Bhojpuri film for Rs. six lakh

Jenisha-KC-featuring-in-Bhojpuri-filmGlamour Nepal, Kathmandu,
Actress Jenisha KC will be receiving hefty amount of Rs. six lakh for acting in a single film.

The actress is not receiving the bulky wage for acting in Nepali film, but for a Bhojpuri film. Jenisha, who is known for her coca cola shaped figure, will be seen acting in a role of a Nepali girl in the movie.

According to her, the movie “Badshah” revolves on Nepal and Nepali border. “The film depicts Nepal and Nepal’s border. I was largely impressed by the story. They searched for a Nepali actress as the film attaches Nepali culture. I will be a single Nepali artist to act in the film,” Jenisha said, “I will be solo actress in the movie. That’s also the reason behind my readiness to work.”

Exited Jenisha added, “I have not received more than Rs. 2.5 lakh for acting in any Nepali movie. They provided me Rs. six lakh as a signing amount. It is the first instance; I have taken such huge sum of money for exhibiting my skills in a film. Moreover, they provided dresses. It was full of surprises for me.”

According to her, Bhojpuri superstar Nirauwa will be her partner in the film. The film will be shot in Darjeeling, Sikkim, Silgadi and Lucknow. Although, Jenisha is a lone Nepali artist to act in the movie, Nepali technicians will be working in the film to be directed by Shiva Shahani.

Bimal Dhakal will shoot the movie, while Kamal Rai and Ashok Rokka will work as dance director and makeup artist respectively.


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