Celebrities New Year resolutions

nepali celebritiesEach New Year comes with different resolutions. This coming year 2072 will also be no different. So what kind of resolutions are in the air, let’s find out through excerpts from our busiest celebrities:
by Jayan Subba Manandhar

Karishma ManandharKarishma Manandhar (Actress)
Coming New Year 2072, I am very hopeful for the successful release of my movie, FAGU; ‘The Colors of Life’. I feel this will be a good movie, as my whole team has worked very hard for it. I also wish to be more involved in the movie industry. Apart from that, I have slightly gained weight so I hope to work it off. I also intend to make time for all the things I desire to do, and spend quality time with my beloved daughter.

abhay subbaAbhaya Subba Weise (Rock Star)
I wish to have a wider audience and effect for Women in Concert. This flagship concert empowers Women of all ages, space and places. My resolution is to make this concert resonate in the heartlands of Nepal. Besides that, I hope to get my novel published this year and release it in London where Abhaya n the Steam Injuns will be doing a fund raiser for Women in concert.


Anup bikram shahiAnup Bikram Shahi (Actor)
My New Year resolution is to quit smoking and drinking. This is going to be very difficult for me but I am determined to quit. Apart from that, I will be busy in my other projects. And I will actually be busier after New Years in shooting a movie.


kala subbaKala Subba (RJ & Choreographer)
This New Year 2072, I will be travelling a lot for professional work as well as personal refreshment. I think I should learn how to be diplomatic because my bluntness is not exactly positive for me at the moment. Also, I have vowed to myself to not help any of my close friends financially as it has soured a lot of my relationships! Lastly, I plan to be more health-conscious and stay away from junk food. In the end, I wish all a very happy and healthy New Year.

kali prasad baskotaKali Prasad Baskota (Lyricist, Musician, Composer and Singer)
I don’t have any particular New Year resolution but I do plan to be more dedicated to my work. I am getting busier and I will be a lot busier during New Years. I am going abroad to participate in a few musical programmes. Although I received many such offers, I will only attend selected ones. With success I also feel great responsibility. I hope to bring out wonderful creations for my audience. I will give a lot of thought to my lyrics, music and quality of my compositions. I also intend to be more focused in singing and compose many songs.

krishna bhattaraiKrishna Bhattarai (Journalist)
I don’t believe one has to wait for New Year for resolutions. I am someone whoends up making resolutions on a day to day basis! Sometimes they work, andsometimes not. As New Year resolutions have been a recurring thing, this time Ihave two resolutions in mind.Anymistakes i made in 2071, and my flaws I hope to rectify in 2072. I also wish tobecome a better and ideal reporter for a just society. I have become sooccupied with work; I feel I have not been able to give much time to family. Socoming New Year I shall be spending every Saturday with my family.

laxmi bhandariLaxmi Bhandari (Journalist)
I am pretty excited to do further creative work in 2072, especially for women empowerment & development through communications. With a very busy schedule and consistent deadlines, I am getting a little bored doing the same thing over and over again. So I hope to do some innovative research, in-depth stories being more focused on social issues about women. Besides these, I am planning to attend some international conferences & seminars to enhance my knowledge. I also just finished working for a woman-oriented Book called “Delights women in Nepal” with a wonderful team that is going to be launched very soon. I want to do similar types of work in future. I want to make more time for my baby Aayaan & family in the year-2072. Lastly, as I am someone who feels very lazy to get up early in the morning, I think I have to change this habit in the coming days.

rojin shakyaRojin Shakya (Fashion Choreographer/ Media Person)
New Year is a time for new aspirations and I hope to continue my journey with a fresh new approach. As per my resolution, the must do is decreasing my weight. I am determined to get rid of some excess weight from my body. Besides this, I wish to be more committed and professional in whatever I am doing and will do. I want to be more focused in managing personal time to spend quality moments with my family and friends.

poonam chhetri gautamPoonam Chhetri Gautam (Fashion Designer & Movie Producer)
My New Year resolutions- although Nepal is developing at a fast pace in many arenas, it still lags behind, compared to the rest of the world, in its movie industry. I wish to make great movies regarding politics of the country, real-life people and more. I plan to organize different fashion shows, and some dream projects are on line as well. Personally, I want to have a lot of fun so I am going to travel abroad with my family.

raveena deshraj shresthaRaveena Deshraj Shrestha (Banker)
Coming New Year I am going to give first priority to my happiness. Apart from work, I plan to make ample time for myself. I also wish to be more professional than I already am. I am a Believer, so I intend to enhance my knowledge regarding my religious beliefs. I hope to have a lot of fun this year, but responsibly.

suvexya bhadel
Subexya Bhadel (Fashion Designer)

My New Year resolutions are as follows: Getting to know my country better by identifying three amazing places to explore and travel in Nepal. I wish to be better organized and maintain my work-life balance. There are so many books I want to read, so I plan to read most of those on my wish-list. I definitely have to start on” Early to bed and early to Rise.” Additionally, as I am a big foodie and love to eat, I plan to pay more attention to having a healthy diet. I plan to start Yoga, and focus more on my body. I wish to meet more people from all walks of life and learn more about life, happiness and peace. I hope to spread a lot of love and positive energy. I am involved in three NGO’s and many other social activities. I hope to give more time to charity. Lastly, I wish to be a better version of myself and work hard in bringing out the best collections I can.

sudan panthaSudan Pantha (Model & Hotelier)
My New Year resolution is to focus better on my academics. I hope to take some time out for modeling as well. I plan to deeply contemplate my professional goals. And I hope to take some time out for travel. Let’s see how much time I will be able to manage!


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