‘Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets’ Anju Bhandari, SLC Princess 2015

A Young girl at her sweet sixteen, Anju Bhandari is fifth season winner of SLC Princess 2015. She was been crowned as the winner on 19th of Asar 2072 when forty eight teenager girls were witnessed competing for the title awards of SLC Princess 2015 organized by Season Media Pvt. Ltd. Anju, a fair complexion lady from Kapan stands five feet and four inches and weighs 48 kg. She is very fond of dancing, speaking and modeling. Currently pursuing her studies at Global College of Management, Anju Pisces by zodiac by sign, loves to see herself as a model.

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Anju Defines,
Personal quote or quote of inspiration: Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. If you get a chance, take it and if it changes your life don’t let it go.
Yourself: Adorable  /  Being Fashionable: Stylish  /  Youth of today: Future of tomorrow / Having friends: Support in every cheers and tears.

Anju-Bhandari-SLC-Princess-2What major changes have you experienced within yourself after you took part in Miss SLC Princess 2015 and being the winner?
I think deciding to participate in SLC Princess 2015 is one of the best decisions till so far I have made. From the very beginning day, I faced refreshing and motivating Challenges. As the Challenges are said to be charms of life, they have made my life more creative. Every morning, when i looked up at mirror, i see different me. Now, I am able to find best of me and express it simultaneously. At the end, whatever changes that happened to me, are only because of the pageant i.e. SLC Princess and talented Choreographer: rojin shakya (sir).

Why do you think the competitions like this are important for the young people like you?
Today’s youth are the burning candle, who tries their best to eliminate the darkness. Their mind is more active and creative at this state. In that case the competitions like this help them to choose the right path. And, it’s obvious they will strengthen their confidence and enhance their personality as mine is been polished than before.

What are your future plans and how would you accomplish them?
A good career is what all are seeking for. To talk about myself, after winning the title of SLC princess 2015 my plans are increased. As dancing is been my passion and my career goal is to be a model, but even though I do not want to leave my academic part because without good education good future cannot be imagined. Hence, after completing +2 I would try my best to complete my dreams by living it.

What are your responsibilities as a son, student and Young man of this date?
Responsibility is the price of freedom and is about a matter of hard work, determination and perseverance. I have many responsibilities as a daughter, student and young woman of this date. To take care of my parents and love them is my first responsibility. To study hard and follow the guidance of teachers is my second responsibility. And lastly to show loyalty to nation by doing something good for the nation is my third responsibility.

One word interaction with Anju Bhandari
Life without internet: complicated
Life without mobile phones: miserable
You wearing Traditional dress: adorable
You wearing casual dress: smart
One word that defines you: multi-talented
One word that doesn’t define you: unwilling

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