Aamir Khan earns over 22 Billion in 14 years from films !

aamir-khan-in-nepalIndian media haves started digging out the income of Aamir Khan after the film ‘PK’ set the record of highest grossing Bollywood movie. The film industry that used to consider Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan as star powers has concluded that the industry is held by Aamir.

The actor has made his name as the number one hero in Bollywood after film acted and produced by him are announced best in awards and also in business. If the income from the film ‘Lagaan’ released in 2001 to ‘PK’ released in 2014 is calculated, Aamir has earned IRS 22 Billion from films.

Aamir set the record of 100 crores in Bollywood, followed by 200 crores and 300 crores. His recent film ‘PK’ has already grossed over 600 crores in India and other countries.


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