Aakritee Ojha crowned as Miss Teen Princess 2020

In the grand finale of Miss Teen Princess 2020, where Aakritee Ojha proved herself as the best among other nineteen contestants of the competition. This made her win the title award of Miss Teen Princess 2020.

Besides being the winner she also bagged the award of Miss Personality. In the event, Nisha Magar along with award all-rounder was chosen as first runner-up while along with the award called ‘best walk’ Neelam Dong was awarded as second runner-up.

Similarly, Preeti Shrestha bagged the third runner-up position. Among the major subcategories, Swati Yash was crowned as the winner of the Organizer choice award. She also bagged ‘miss popular’ awards.

Likewise, Salina Khatri was awarded ‘Beauty with Brain’ award while Anu Chhetri won the award called ‘rising star’. The event was been organized by Anuza Media and was choreographed by Tenju Yonjan.

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