19th Hits FM Music Awards 2072 | Photo Gallery

Hits Fm Music Awards 2072 (8)19th Hits FM Music Awards 2072 on March 11 celebrated talents of Nepali music industry, with Zindagile Hisaab Maagchha sweeping major categories, and Bipul Chettri bagged three awards.

The awards were given in 18 different categories and the song ‘Zindagile Hisaab Maagchha…’ won four titles. Bipul Chettri, however not present at the event, bagged three titles awards.

Here is the winners list of 19th Hits FM Music Awards:
Best New Artist: Rohit John Chettri ‘Bistarai Bistarai’
Best Song Originally Recorded For a Motion Picture Soundtrack: Kali Prasad Baskota ‘Jaalma’
Best Vocal Collaboration: Satyaraj & Swaroopraj Acharya ‘Deep Banos’
Best Female Pop Vocal Performance: Chrisma Abigail ‘Meri Aama’
Best Male Pop Vocal Performance: Bipul Chettri ‘Syndicate’
Best Performance by a Group or Duo with Vocal: What the Funk ‘Gaijatra’
Folk Record of the Year: Anjaan Babu ‘Farka Daajai’
Best Pop/ Rock Composition: Bipul Chhetri ‘Syndicate’
Best Arrangement: Kiran Kandel ‘Zindagile Hisaab Maagchha’
Best Composition: Deepak Jangam ‘Zindagile Hisaab Maagchha’
Best Rock Vocal Performance: What the Funk ‘Gaijatra’
Best Female Vocal Performance: Sangita Rana Pradhan ‘Dukhera Ki Dukhauna’
Best Male Vocal Performance: Ajar Jangam ‘Zindagile Hisaab Maagchha’
Pop/Rock Album of the Year: Bipul Chhetri ‘Sketches of Darjeeling’
Album of the Year: Robin Sharma ‘Rumani Bataas’
Song of the Year: Pushkar Parajuli ‘Kewal Saasle Bhanyau’
Record Of The Year: Ajar Jangam ‘Zindagile Hisaab Maagchha’

Photos: Maheswor Man Singh


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