Zeenus Lama to represent Nepal at Miss Grand International 2017

25 year old beauty queen Zeenus Lama is the proud title holder of the Miss Grand Nepal 2016. She had bagged the prestigious title on August 23rd, 2016 held at the Hyatt Regency, Kathmandu. Finally, after a long phase of hard work, patience and preparations, Zeenus is all set to represent Nepal at the Miss Grand International 2017 to be held this year at Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam. The pageant will kick off on 5th of October and the contest finale is scheduled to be held on 26th of October, 2017.

With its headquarters in Thailand, Miss Grand International has already become one of the top 5 beauty pageants in the whole world. The pageant is organized under the theme ‘Stop the War and Violence’ every year. The main objective of the coveted beauty pageant is to create a platform and stand together for the betterment of humanity. The contest aims to help people in establishing peace, freedom and harmony by putting an end to war.

Zeenus is extremely excited about representing Nepal at the prestigious contest. Originally hailing from Chitwan, Zeenus is currently pursuing her graduation degree in Journalism and Mass Communication/Political Science at Whitehouse College, Kathmandu. Apart from her studies, she is also handling responsibilities as a Marketing Manager at Organic World and Fair Future Pvt. Ltd. Standing tall at an impressive height of five feet five inches, the ever confident Zeenus has been gifted with adorable looks as well as an attractive personality. Her hobbies include dancing, writing and Singing. The gorgeous beauty queen Zeenus has also been featured in the recent music video of Sanup Paudel’s song ‘Aaha’ and Balak Magazine, one of the oldest magazines for children in Nepal.

Zeenus Lama Miss Grand International Nepal 2016

Zeenus Lama | Images Courtesy : Aayush Shrestha

Zeenus loves to be around children and elderly people during her leisure hours. She has also been involved with the social initiatives of Nepal Children’s Organization, Prisoner’s Assistance Nepal and many.

When asked about how she would like to introduce herself, she says, ‘I was never differentiated as a girl but raised as a good human being by my family. Liberty and creativity run in my DNA.I love journalism and human rights. I love to walk on the path of truth and honesty’. “William Shakespeare once said, ‘What’s in a Name?’. Now I believe that there is nothing in a name but it is the Character of ours that gives us a Name”, she says proudly.

Zeenus was crowned as Miss Grand Nepal 2016 last year and she was supposed to represent Nepal at the Miss Grand International 2016 held at Las Vegas, USA. However, a lot of confusions followed after the event for Zeenus. “Nobody clearly knows what exactly happened after I won Miss Grand Nepal 2016. I wasn’t able to represent Nepal last year because of so many internal and external reasons. I don’t want to belittle anybody but whoever is going to read your article will understand what I am trying to say”, said Zeenus.

“The National Director’s License of Miss Grand Nepal was terminated because of their inability to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of Miss Grand International. I didn’t get the required support from them but what I got was only a blatant display of non professionalism from their side. In the end, I was blamed and humiliated for things which I was not responsible.”

After a long period of confusions, the skies finally cleared for Zeenus. She has been invited by Miss Grand International Organization to participate in the Miss Grand International Pageant to be held this year in October at Vietnam. The pageant organization headquarters located in Thailand has granted Zeenus the title of Miss Grand Nepal 2017.

Zeenus Lama Miss Grand International Nepal

Zeenus Lama | Images Courtesy : Esaan Production & Aayush Shrestha

“The year 2016 was such a magical year for me”.
“I had to go through the court case all alone. The things which happened taught me to be stronger and I am grateful for everything. There is a saying, ‘We’ve got to live, no matter how many skies have fallen’. Things happen to all of us for the right reasons at the right time. And no matter what, we have to keep going and face the challenges with absolute determination.”

Since the national director of the pageant has already been stripped off the license, Zeenus had to manage her travelling and participation expenses on her own. When asked to her ‘What’s the greatest gift that you can give to someone?’ She said ‘You need to be kind and make the habit of giving, helping people without expecting anything in return. That will be one of the greatest gifts that you can give to anyone’.

Zeenus is perfectly juggling between her studies, job, social involvement and career responsibilities. And with the way she has tackled the problems so far, she has proven herself to be an ideal ‘One Woman Army’. Zeenus believes that her participation in Miss Grand International is a wonderful opportunity to spread the message of peace and humanity from Nepal.

A long phase of hard work and perseverance has made her stronger than ever before. She is exceedingly hopeful about making the nation proud in the contest. Zeenus says that she expects an overwhelming support and love from all fellow Nepalese citizens for the challenges which lie ahead.

Dear Zeenus, we are confident that you will definitely make the nation proud. You are our Wonder Woman indeed. Go ahead with pride!

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