I want to work as a burning candle – Anushka Thapa

‘I want to work as a burning candle to enlighten the society’, Miss Teen College 2015 Anushka Thapa

Anuska ThapaA year back Anushka Thapa was known to be first runner-ups for SLC Princess 2014. Now the year has changed and so is the identity of Anushka. It was 21st of January 2015 when Anushka improved her position in her second time participation in a beauty pageant, being the winner of Miss Teen College 2015. The event was organized by Season Media Pvt. Ltd. and was showcased at Nepal Academy Hall, Kamaladi. Anushka resides at Bansbari, Pipalbot, Kathmandu. Taurus by Zodiac sign this fair lady is enjoying her sweet age sixteen and stands five feet and one inches. Modeling and Dancing is what Anushka is fond of. A Student of Thd Chandbagh School studying at standard eleven Anushka aims to be a business woman. Anushka calls herself as an optimsitic person who loves to smile at unpleasant situation as well. She believes in loving, caring and sharing. She tries her level best to make her weakest point as her strength and move on every time she falls down.

Anushka Thapa Miss TeenAnushka defines: 
Her childhood: An awesome and a golden moment to remember. I wish those days were back again. The life free without tensions.

Reason that makes her mood on or off: If someone or something makes me angry then my mood gets off and if I get the things that I want then my mood gets on.

Being today’s youth: Being today’s youth, I want to work as a burning candle to enlighten the society, towards the positive path of the life. Being the active population, I want to go hand by hand with the social organization to stop some of the social problems and want to be the ambassador of goodwill.

Being fashionable: doesn’t mean to wear expensive clothe. For me it simply means to have a good attitude with clean heart. To have a good personality along with good attitude is fashionable.

Anushka Thapa Miss TeenBeing the winner of Miss Teen College 2015, In your opinion what makes a winner of a pageant?
Being the winner of Miss Teen College 2015, I think winners are the ones who never lose hope and try to get up whenever they fall. I believe winners are the one who have learnt most of the lessons and are able to make it as their strength. The one who is able to win the heart of the crowd and the judges are the winners.

What according to you is the biggest challenge a girl youth of your age is facing today and what should be done to overcome or solve it?
I think the biggest challenge a girl youth of my age is facing today are violence and harassment. Daily many girls are being abused and raped but no voice is raised against it. In rural areas, the girls like me are even not getting opportunities to study and show their talent and hence the ways to solve these problems are to raise voice against it and to aware the girls about these all activities. Not only this, we all youths can go hand in hand with NGOs and INGOs to control these problems.

How do you look at the present day situation of Nepal and what reasons do you find behind this situation?
In my point of view, the present situation of Nepal is not good due to the constitution not being made and political situation. The reason behind is there is no unity, peace, love and inspiration among the political leaders and the lagging of mutual agreement among the political parties.

If been offered to be a Television presenter what sort of program would be your choice to host and why?
If I was offered to be a television presenter then I would love to host the program that reflects the problems of today’s youth. I would adore being the mirror of those people who are deprived from their rights and opportunities. Being the youth I would like to be a representative of the society.

One word interaction with Anushka
Life without communication facilities: Can’t imagine
Life without transportation facilities: Difficult
One word to define first alphabet of your name ANUSHKA: Amazing
One word to define last alphabet of your name ANUSHKA: Ambitious
One word that you wish to multiply in your life: Happiness
One word that you wish to divide in your life: Selfishness

-By Rojin Shakya
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