Singer Jyoti Magar’s glamorous photos creates clamor


Jyoti Magar | Photo Source: OnlineKhabar

Glamour Nepal, Kathmandu: Uploading some glamorous pictures on her face book page, singer Jyoti Magar has scorned the perception of Nepali society toward male and female. In her long status posted on Tuesday, she also said she was ready to tackle any comments upon her face book pictures and post.

Excerpt of her status:
“Singing is my profession and modeling is my passion. Doing pooja of naked baaba is popular in our culture; Why those people who enjoy the custom of seeking blessing by bowing on the penis cannot tolerate seeing the female body?; why those who decorate the temple depicting the sex are the vocal critic of female’s body?”

She adds: “I am reading the comments in my facebook accounts on how far people can degrade and to what level they rant and rave. I can not become bad tho those who have bad mouth. Even I would not delete the comments who have been scolding me. Probably, time is taking a test of my tolerance.”

Screen Shot of Jyoti Magar’s face book Post

Jyoti Magar’s video released few weeks earlier CLICK HERE to watch.


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