Sharams & Saroja victorious at the College Ambassador 2017

The event dedicated to college going students and their empowerment named as the College Ambassador has sorted its 2017 edition winners.

In an event showcased at Rastriya Naachghar, Jamal, the event saw Sharams Bikram Shah and Saroja Shrestha as the winner of 9th season of the College Ambassador event.

The finale saw Bibek Shrestha and Amrit Poudel in the final three of male category while Sagarika Shrestha and Krishma Subedi were in the final three of female category.

In the event John Gajmer and Sharon Madhikarmi scored photogenic award while Samikchhya Rai and Amrit Poudel were awarded as Best performer.

Likewise Krishma Subedi and Nehal Rana Magar were elected as charming personality category winners while Nista Maharjan scored most talented award.

Simiarly Suja Gurung took away most popular and most friendly award, Dipesh Lama was chosen as most discipline category winner, Sagarika Shrestha scored in the category of best dress while Krishna Shrestha grabbed the award of best smile. The event was been organized by Green Arts media and was choreographed by Anila Shrestha.

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