Sanyukta Shrestha Receives Award for Best Wedding Outfit Designer at The 2024 Britain’s Asian Wedding Awards

Sanyukta Shrestha, the renowned figure in Sustainable Luxury Bridal in the UK, has been awarded the Highly Commended Award for Best Wedding Outfit Designer of the Year 2024 at the prestigious Britain’s Asian Wedding Awards.

Sanyukta Shrestha, the renowned figure in Sustainable Luxury Bridal fashion in the UK, was recently awarded with the prestigious Highly Commended Award for Best Wedding Outfit Designer of 2024 at Britain’s Asian Wedding Awards. The ceremony, held on March 6th, 2024, marked the 7th edition of these renowned awards, organized by Oceanic Consulting, the largest ethnic awards Events Company in Britain. The event took place at the Crowne Plaza in Birmingham, UK, in a glamorous ‘black-tie’ affair.

The recognition awarded to Sanyukta Shrestha highlights her remarkable skill and impact on the bridal fashion scene. The Britain’s Asian Wedding Awards, devoted to honoring excellence within the Asian wedding sector, acknowledge the pivotal roles played by individuals and businesses in creating memorable wedding experiences. With the industry’s value surpassing £3 billion, these awards stand as a testament to the sector’s importance and expansion.

Expressing her gratitude, Sanyukta Shrestha remarked, “As a designer, I consider it a privilege to blend cultural traditions with a bride’s unique vision, creating garments that reflect her heritage and individuality. Being named a finalist for two prestigious awards earlier this year was an honor in itself, and winning this accolade fills me with immense joy. I am deeply touched by the support of our brides and well-wishers, and I extend my heartfelt thanks to them and the Britain’s Asian Wedding Awards for this remarkable recognition.”

A spokesperson for the 7th Britain’s Asian Wedding Awards highlighted the industry’s remarkable evolution, commending the dedication of professionals who continually exceed expectations to ensure couples have the wedding of their dreams. These awards not only celebrate excellence but also acknowledge the tireless efforts of those who contribute to making each wedding a truly unforgettable occasion.

Acknowledged by the media as a trailblazer in the sustainable bridal movement and likened to a Greta Thunberg of the wedding world, Sanyukta Shrestha, a British designer of Nepalese descent, has been at the forefront of advocating for sustainable luxury since the inception of her eco-friendly brand in 2011. Back then, sustainability was still a relatively unknown concept to the mainstream media and average consumers. What set her apart were not only her timeless and distinctive designs but also her commitment to championing ethical labor practices and environmental conservation. By offering brides a sustainable choice and leading by example with initiatives that give back to the community and support women’s empowerment, Sanyukta Shrestha has inspired women worldwide and attracted a devoted following to her boutique from across the globe, fostering a culture of sustainable living.

Drawing upon her passion and over two decades of expertise in couture craftsmanship, Sanyukta specializes in bespoke services, striving not only to empower women but also to create the wedding gown of each bride’s dreams. Her use of luxurious eco-friendly fabrics, innovative techniques, and traditional Nepalese craftsmanship has established Sanyukta Shrestha as a unique destination that seamlessly integrates sustainability, innovation, and social responsibility.

Recipient of the PETA Luxury Vegan Wedding Award, Sanyukta Shrestha holds the distinction of being the first designer of Nepali origin to have her designs archived among over 100,000 objects in the Fashion Museum’s history, spanning from the 16th century to the present day. Additionally, she is the inaugural bridal designer to be invited as a keynote speaker on sustainability alongside esteemed innovators and visionaries such as Mr. Masahiro Hara, the inventor of the QR code, and Dr. Greg Autry, a former liaison for the White House at NASA, at the Ahmedabad Design Week 2023 in India.


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